New Feature: Land Customization

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1 min readJul 6, 2023


Hello DeNations users!
We are launching a new feature for land customization. DeNations lands are now customizable with images.

To commemorate the launch, we are providing FREE image custom for landowners. The FREE custom is first come first served. Only 10 spots will be available for FREE custom. After the event, land customization will cost Energy DENA tokens.

Please follow the link below to start customizing your lands.

👉 Apply Now:

⏱️Event period: July 6th 07:00 (UTC) ~ July 13th 07:00 (UTC)

- First come first served (Limited to 10 accounts)
- Only landowners are eligible to request and customize owned lands.
- You can request for at least 1 to a maximum of 10 lands. For 2 or more lands, the lands must be geographically connected.
- You cannot switch the image once you have requested.

Once you complete the Typeform, please wait for the email from We will e-mail all valid applicants to process the customizations.