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[Policy Updates]Weekly Founder Tax

Original policy:

  • 10% of sales of ownerships per round are compensated to the ownership owners of the previous round (A total of 20 rounds).
  • Time of the Measurement: The status of the registered Nation Ownerships is measured when the previous round ends (when the last Nation Ownership of the previous round is sold) and this determines the distribution of the founder tax reward for the current round.

New policy:

  • Weekly Founder Tax: 10% of the nation ownership NFT sold per week is accumulated and distributed to players who registered at the beginning of the week.
  • Discontinuance of supply rounds. Therefore, the founder tax will be distributed based on a weekly basis.

Nation Ownership NFT Holder Benefits:

  • Early buyers will enjoy the Weekly Founder Tax. The sooner you register, the more you can benefit from additional sales.
  • You won’t have to wait for the round to end. You will be able to get the founder tax every week.

The Founder Tax will be distributed every Monday.

Starting date will be noticed soon.



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