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❗️Chance to Win the TESLA STOCK AIRDROP❗️
Get RT or Comment from Elon Musk to get Tesla Stock Airdrop!


🎁 Prizes
1 Winner (FCFS): 4 Shares of Tesla Stock (Stock Voucher NFT)
Top 3 Gleam Entries: (USA) Level 2 Land Mint Pass x 3

📌How to Win
• You must complete the “Tweet” mission from the gleam event. Then Get RT or Comment from Elon Musk.
• ONE PERSON who got RT or Comment from Elon Musk prior to everyone will take the entire stock airdrop (Stock Voucher NFT)
• If you were able to complete the “Tweet” mission, send the screenshot via Twitter message (@DeNations_DENA).
• If there is no winner, Tesla stock airdrop will be distributed to landowners near Tesla depending on land levels and distances.

❓What is Stock Voucher NFT?
DeNations Stock Voucher NFT is a stock exchange voucher in DENA. When the holder decides to claim the stocks of NFT, DENA will be paid to the holder in exchange for the NFT
** You must claim Tesla Stock Voucher NFT before 2022/12/31, 11:59 PM (UTC)

⏱Event End: June 23rd, 08:00 AM (UTC)



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