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[Tomorrow] Unlocking DeNations USA: The Entire Region🔓

The USA lands will be the very first nation for public minting among 195 nations. The entire region of USA will be open for everyone to mint. Be prepared for public land minting of the USA.

🌎 Public Mint Price
Level 1 Land: 0.0154 ETH
Level 2 Land: 0.0244 ETH
Level 3 Land: 0.0392 ETH
Level 4 Land: 0.0628 ETH
Level 5 Land: 0.1004 ETH

✔️ USA Public Land Minting Start Date
July 5th, 02:00 AM (UTC)

📍 DeNations Land Map

👉Land Minting Tutorial

👉How to get WETH



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