[Tutorial] How to get Energy DENA

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Energy DENA is a primary power source for any mining activities in DeNations. Energy DENA can be obtained through land mining & Polygon DENA exchange.

This tutorial shows how to get Energy DENA.
First of all, you must have Ethereum DENA. Second, you need to exchange Ethereum DENA for Polygon DENA. Lastly, you can exchange Polygon DENA for Energy DENA in the DeNations Map.

Ethereum DENA → Polygon DENA → Energy DENA

If you do not hold any DENAs, please follow the links below.
How to get Ethereum DENA👉 https://docs.denations.com/docs/tutorial/metaverse/Deposit%20DENA%20to%20Metaverse
How to get Polygon DENA 👉

Ethereum DENA Token Address: 0x15F0EEDF9Ce24fc4b6826E590A8292CE5524a1DA
Polygon DENA Token Address: 0x309650d36a0a8b69b02a64a74f2f044993f72f37

Once you have acquired Polygon DENA, please follow the guidelines below.

Step 1. Navigate to the top right corner of the DeNations Map & Log in.

Step 2–1. Connect your wallet.

Step 2–2. Once connected, you check the status of the Energy DENA balance and the resources you own.

Step 3. Click your ETH account address to open the DENA exchange screen.

Step 4. This screen will show the current DENA price and how much Polygon DENA you have. You can also switch networks and check other DENA balances such as Ethereum DENA.

*NOTE: Only Polygon DENA is exchangeable with Energy DENA

Step 4–2. Input the number of Polygon DENA you want to exchange. Polygon DENA and Energy DENA have a 1:1 ratio.

Step 4–3. Confirm on MetaMask.

You must have MATIC for the gas fee.
Get MATIC: https://wallet.polygon.technology/polygon/gas-swap

Step 4–4. Exchanging Polygon DENA with Energy DENA may take up to 10 minutes. Please check the exchange status below.

Step 5. Check your Energy DENA balance.

Start ‘Land Mining’ with Energy DENA