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[Tutorial] How to get Polygon DENA

This tutorial shows how to get Polygon DENA.
First of all, you must have Ethereum DENA in order to get Polygon DENA.
If you do not hold any, please follow the link.

How to get Ethereum DENA👉

If you have DENA, please follow the guidelines below.

Step 1. Navigate to Polygon Bridge (

Step 2. Connect your wallet

Step 3. Add DENA by clicking on ‘Manage token list’
(DENA token address: 0x15F0EEDF9Ce24fc4b6826E590A8292CE5524a1DA)

Step 4. Transfer DENA to Polygon chain (Takes around 10 minutes).

Step 4–1. Confirm Transfer.

Step 4–2. Complete Transfer.

Step 5. Import tokens on MetaMask. Check your Polygon DENA balance.
(Polygon DENA Contract Address: 0x309650d36a0a8b69b02a64a74f2f044993f72f37)



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