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What is DeNations Stock Voucher NFT?

  • DeNations “Stock Voucher” is a stock exchange voucher in DENA.
  • “Stock Voucher” will be rewarded to landowners of DeNations Land.
  • The stock value of the “Stock Voucher” moves along with the real stock price. When the holder claims the stocks of the “Stock Voucher” NFT, the DENA token will be paid to the holder in exchange for the NFT.
  • To maximize the amount of reward in DENA, the “Stock Voucher” holder should strategically decide on when to claim.
  • “Stock Voucher” is only valid for 180 days and can be traded on Opensea before the expiration date.
  • The stock price in DENA corresponds to the following trading day’s closing price of the application date. DENA price will be based on CoinMarketCap. The DENA price snapshot will be taken at the closing time of the claimed stock.
    ** Application date is based on UTC timezone.
  • DENA will be delivered within 14 days after the application date.

The example below shows how to claim DeNations “Stock Voucher” NFT.


On June 23rd, the holder submitted the application for claiming a “Stock Voucher” with 1.2 shares of Tesla Stock.


Sent “Stock Voucher” NFT to 0x7D0cB47891258866abfaDfFc346b429778299B2A


On June 24th, Tesla's stock closing price was 737.12 USD.

→ 1.2 shares of Tesla stock = 884.544 USD

→ The holder would receive 884.544 USD (1.2 shares) in DENA.


DENA price snapshot is taken at 8:00 PM UTC (NASDAQ closing time) on June 24th.

→ The holder would receive approximately 1,131.42 DENA within 14 days.



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