Rules for Discord Moderators

Rules and Duties in more detail

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1 min readJun 21, 2021



Rule #1: DeNations Discord Mod NEVER sends the members a private message first.
Rule #2: DeNations Discord Mod NEVER ask the members for a fund or investment.
Rule #3: DeNations Discord Mod NEVER asks for sensitive and personal information such as seed phrases, passwords, private keys, etc.


  1. Deliver the technical issues, urgent problems, significant questions, etc. to the admin after organizing them on a daily basis.
  2. Help improving FAQs and answer basic questions (How-to questions & DeNations ecosystem/concept questions)
  3. Manage members
    - Members who drop the irrelevant links or content will be banned without prior notice.
    - Members who use @everyone, @here without permissions will be banned.
    - Members who use @admin or @DeNations will be kicked out.
    - Members who use @Mod without a valid reason will be kicked out.
  4. Manage messages
    - Spamming/ marketing/advertising/promotional content will be deleted right away.
    - Political/sexual/religious discussions will be deleted right away.