The Whitelist Registration has OPENED.

Hello Dench Music Community,

it is our pleasure to announce that the Whitelist Registration for the Whitelist round with 25% bonus on MIC tokens is now LIVE.


Link to the registration portal:

HOW TO REGISTER — PICTURE WALKTHROUGH (below video walkthrough)

  1. click:
After clicking the link above, you will get to our registration portal, first click on “Don’t have an account?” Link which will take you to the New Account Creation portal
There you simply fill out your chosen email, input twice your password, check the terms and conditions, click “I am not a robot” and SIGN UP

2. After this action you should receive a confirmation email with a verification link from

3. Open the email and click (or copy and paste) the verification link. The system will take you immediately to the KYC portal:

You simply fill our your personal data according to how they are displayed on your ID/Passport + you fill our the Ethereum address from which you will later on contribute and onto which we will send the MIC tokens.
You upload the front page of your identification document (ID/Passport) and a Selfie with that particular document.
After all this is done, you will simply hit the “Submit” button.
After you hit submit you will see this message informing you about us receiving your application. You will also receive an email informing you about the same exact thing. All is DONE! Now you simply wait for the email with end results (either approved or declined).

4. The email with end results (approved/declined) should be send to you within 48 hours (in case of many submissions this process could take longer).

In case you still don’t understand the process, See the Walkthrough ScreenSharing video:

In case you have any questions comment here in the comment section or contact us on telegram:

Dench Music ICO Team