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Dengan Senang 2016

2016 was an interesting year, tough, but interesting. New colleagues, new friends, new experiences, new knowledges, also one wonderful new family.

One of the interesting stuff that happened in 2016 was dengansenanghati. A rather small start-up company that I started at the end of 2015. For us, dengansenanghati, 2016 was the very first year with lots of enjoyable struggles and juggles.

It started with an idea, concept, stories, moved into a small space at the nearest coffee shop (Kopi Anjis!), evolved into a bigger building (which we knew later that the building happened to be under controversies & dispute, plus it was also occupied by ‘spirits’), until we finally got our own home, a very modest space to create, to play, and to grow alongside each other.

Dengansenanghati was launched with a rather huge investment, notice that it wasn’t in a form of huge chunk of money. Our investors are our own friends in the team, resources, partners, clients, and people who put their trust & enthusiasm on us.

For everything, we are very grateful. Thank you for humbly being part of dengansenanghati.

With the company goals and vision to be able to move forward, to create innovation, to keep on learning and creating, we sincerely hope dengansenanghati will be able to develop products and/or solution for ourselves, for other people, for business & corporation, for communities, for societies, and even for astral beings.

May 2017 brings us many chances to create and innovate, and also to have a little more fun in every single thing that we do.

2017, venture onwards!



Ideas & Concept from dengansenanghati.

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