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If you don’t want to use feelings, at least use a condom.

Few months ago, I had a discussion with a good friend of mine. She is an activist that fights the humanity rights of HIV patients. After a couple bottles of beer, the discussion brought me new knowledge and things I didn’t even care about before. We talked about the actual number of HIV patients, prostitution, the society’s ignorance for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the lack of sex education in Indonesia, and so much more.

And yes, apparently the discussion hits me more when we talked about the lack of sex education in my country. As simple as the use of condom. In Indonesia, condom is well campaigned as a contraceptive method. Yet there is, unfortunately, a wrong perception and misunderstanding about the concept of contraception itself. People assume condom is a method of birth control, rather than offering protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

It is rare to find people who uses condom and understand that it is needed to protect themselves against STD. They use condom because they just don’t want to get pregnant.

The sex education topic is a huge thing. And I don’t quite understand the details and talking about it is actually beyond my capability. So let’s just talk about things that I can talk about.

I am living and working in a technology industry. I made games, apps, and any other techno-related stuffs. This got me thinking of some mobile apps ideas, campaigning the importance of condom and protection against STDs. A mobile apps that people will be able to find visually attractive information about STD, as well as its prevention or mitigation. Naah, it will be boring. And I bet it’ll sink to the ground right after it launches.

I am thinking about a mobile application concept, that focuses in Daily Sex Activity. Yeah, a personal application for counting and tracking one’s daily sex activities. To put it simply, it could be like Nike+ or another Activity Tracking apps existed.

User will have to register themselves, to input their age, and location as a mandatory data. And it will be as simple as pushing the start button before intercourse, and placing the mobile phone where the sex activity is currently going, and pushing the stop button after all intercourses had been done.

Many information could be gathered with this app. The intensity daily calendar, and the length of sexual activity duration itself. With accelerometer feature, the app could track movements while doing intercourse. And we can also add voice tracking during the intercourse.

For users, this app will be very useful because they will be able to track their sex activities, when and where they had their last sexual intercourse, when was their longest intercourse, which intercourse has the most movement, and which intercourse produces the loudest noise.

For society’s research purposes, once this app is popular and being used by many, we are able to gather information about sex activity in every place in the country. Which city has the most activity, and which the least. Peak hours of sex activities, which day of the week, and which months has it mostly being used. We will be able to know at what age people starts doing sex, etc.

So what good does it bring to the sex education rate itself? Here’s something that I know: it is so hard to prohibit sexual activities before marriage. No matter how good and strict the regulation is, sex before marriage is not something that could easily be campaigned.

And this, is probably the least we can do. We can educate them to do a safe and healthy sex.

The education could be in a pop-up format or some additional insertion in between the use of the app’s features.

Yes, I am a dreamer. I thought about this app idea yet I don’t even have plan to make it, or maybe actually there is already a similar-featured app out there.

The main objective is to provide solution about the topic of interest, so whoever will make this idea comes true, what matter most is that we will be able to reach the goal. Proper sex education.

Once again, ideas might be a trash, but it’s better to put those trash in the correct place.




Ideas & Concept from dengansenanghati.

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