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“Joking seriously”, the kind of expression I often use. After so many years working in digital industry which growing rapidly in Indonesia for these past few years, to develop our selves as well as make the most of our time, my friends and I doing fun research simultaneously and mostly about stupid things.

There was magic jar, which will twitting automatically after the rice has cooked and mention a single friend on twitter to remind him/her it’s time to eat. Smart praying cap, the one that also will twitting about how long does the shala takes and auto twit after first sujud. The other one was alarm application for android which will makes you pay 1$ if you want to push the snooze button. The result of all those silly researches ended up in brand activation projects.

Once upon a time I met the same crazy people like us, they came from one company called AeroTerrascan based in Bandung, they can design, produce and flew Unmanned Spacecraft or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Like us, they often do research on weird things and build even more weird stuffs.

After long enough conversation, I realize there are a lot of Drone/UAV industries in Indonesia, and based on that I think about a lot of things we can do using drone technology. We can use drone to drop disaster aid or humanitarian aid, it even can developed as firefighter and help to stop forest burning in Indonesia, and other many things.

Fun things came out after I met them, they told me about the project they want to do. Menembus Langit, a project to build and fly the UAV to stratosphere. Which my friends and I at Dengan Senang Hati (one of my product development and research base company) who likes sky objects, outer space and UFO would love to be involved in. After several meetings we finally agreed to do Menembus Langit project together.

What is ML (Menembus Langit) Project?

Menembus Langit will try to build and fly unmanned spacecraft in extreme condition to the outer space, 98.000-feet height, three times higher than commercial airplane, temperature minus 50 degrees Celsius, tenuous atmospheric tightness (3% of the normal condition), and also with 500km/hours minimum speed.

Few things we want to achieve on this project are:

Aeronautic exploration

We want to see how is aerodynamic unmanned vehicle character can survive. Because we do believe at the end, despite from calculation and simulation, nothing beats facts and field exploration. We also want to try new technology which possible to be integrated and developed into new things from UAV. For example: live video streaming, 360 video, satellite tracking device, autonomous control, structural material, and so on.

Remote Sensing

The plane will provide with weather censor with geo tag to measure the air quality in Indonesia. All data sorted in the censor can be important data reference for all kind of meteorology research, such as: ozone tightness, air quality in Indonesia, global climate change, etc.

Vehicle Test

Menembus Langit expedition can be a technology testing point to develop Indonesian future unmanned spacecraft. Few points that will be test are flying character, structure strength, weather resistance, control scope, etc.

Science Progress

The result from Menembus Langit expedition will be compiled as research paper, which will be posted online and printed to share for several schools and institutions. The plane it self will be donated to technology museum as a reference for Indonesian next generation.

Inspire Indonesia

It for sure will inspire Indonesian aviation and outer space field. Hoping the success of this expedition will stimulate other institutions to make better things in Indonesian aviation industry.

Initial Step Towards Other Innovations

We do believe, the best product or solution create from collaboration, hoping with Menembus Langit project we open up more people and other industry eyes about how developed is Indonesian aeronautic technology, and how it can use to provide solutions for general society problems and other economic industries.

At the end, this project is not about how we can make unmanned spacecraft fly through stratosphere, to score a record or to prove how great our scientists are. It also brings benefit to inspire people and to bring out more innovations and new science development.

To reach the goals we realize one thing, Menembus Langit will make better impact if we invite others to collaborate with us. We’re so glad there are so many people support this project and willing to help in every aspects after we share the story with them. After all, Menembus Langit Project not only belong to AeroTerrascan and Dengan Senang Hati, but it more as collaboration project from so many people who work in different fields.

We invite everyone who wants to contribute no matter how small, as much as you can. While technology development in the world so far above us and there are few start up company already start to build satellite and rocket, we want this project become the first step towards Indonesian aero space innovations and development.

I would like to say thank you for all of my friends, every single individual from more than 50 person, who already put their effort and energy for this project.

August 27th, our trial flight succeeded and reach until 12,9 KM. Here is how it was looked like. Thanks to @MusicianUnited for the ear catchy background music.

And we finally have our own website where you can get all information about Menembus Langit Project. You can check it here

You can also follow our twitter @MenembusLangit, instagram @menembuslangitID, and facebook at menembuslangitID for more update and information.

Menembus Langit plan to depart at 28th October 2016, and after this we hope the program will keep going and will come more innovations from Indonesian science and technology.

For further information about this project i will post it here on medium.

Are you interested to join us?

Please contact: Valencia Mega Luwinda Stefany Lead Public Relations Menembus Langit 081 911 6000 25



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