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dengansenanghati, a small company based in Bandung, are very concerned with the health of friends in work. Recommendation to drink at least 2 liters of water a day is often overlooked because it was too cool to work.

This makes our company doing research for fun; try to overcome the problem of lazy drinking. Starting with the small talk later emerged some interesting ideas. Due to the fact we are not as smart as we expected, the most efficient and the simplest ideas are selected for execution.

We begin by dismantling the only dispenser we got in the office and then add some mechanical components. We intentionally planted Wi-Fi module to connect to the Internet and the RFID reader. After successfully ruined a well-manufactured dispenser, we employ e-KTP card as RFID and simply affixed with rubber bracelet to glass.

The concept is simple, everyone in the office will have their personal glass each of which is equipped with RFID (this time we use the RFID sticker, so our e-KTP all safe from the possibility of missing in a moment of drinking water). The glass is then registered in accordance with its owner with the main data: name, occupation, sex and the maximum volume in the glass. So, anyone who is thirsty must tap the glass to the RFID reader in dispenser so that the water can flow out in accordance with the dosing cup is adjusted before. We also prepared for your visit and provide some fancy glasses for guests who visit us, so we all stay healthy.

This stupid dispenser will record all data and stored on the server and is served through a web dashboard. From the data recorded, it will be known activity of drinking every person, who is the most frequent and lazy drinker, the relation of professions, sexes and the drinking activities also how many gallons of water are discharged in a month. We apply a point system on the leaderboard, so that the process can be more fun.

With this sophisticated dispenser, we hope that our small office will be filled by people whose hearts are happy because they do not dehydrate.

With improved drinking habits and body are no longer dehydrated in the office, we become more enlightened and thinking about the sustainability of the planet. We finally decided to be part of the most common mission in this digital era, namely “Keeping the planet to remain a place to live better”.

We are aware, the availability of clean water in Indonesia is still lacking, even in big cities like Jakarta and Bandung. Sanitary conditions and purification processes are less qualified, making the water so not worth drinking. This impacting on the large amount of bottled water sold in the market.

For us, buying bottled water is a hedonistic action. In addition, will only increase the number of plastic bottles that eventually labeled ‘junk’ and will take some time to unravel. The following link will show you a video of how the relationship of bottled drinking water with plastic trash

Learn it from the past

Advances in technology are predicted as the main cause of the sinking of local wisdom. This time we want to take care of local wisdom with technology.

Once upon a time, every house in a village will provide a jug of water in front of the house that can be used by anyone who is traveling and need the water for drinking, washing face or cooling the feet. Back in the days, this gesture is not only a solution for the traveler in its passage, but also the simplest form of kindness and caring with each other. Technology can actually be used to treat concern more than just pressing the thumbs-up “like”.

Based on the success of our research and changed the well-manufactured dispenser into a stupid dispenser, we then wanted to make something bigger again.

An integrated system of water dispenser with glasses that is no less clever. This dispenser will be deployed in some public places, such as city parks, railway stations, public transportation terminals, bus stops, schools, houses of worship and other public spaces.

Surely not only the dispenser, we also focus on developing a glass, from RFID taped to the glass with a rubber band into a water bottle with a cool design that has an embedded RFID. Water bottle is then registered in accordance with data of the owner. With that bottle, they can access clean water from the water dispenser that has been spread.

After the water dispenser and bottle, we will develop a mobile phone application as an information center, such as: how much water has been drunk and at which point the dispenser is available. Moreover, the data recorded and stored in a server will generate reference data for further development.

Who’s doing what?

Back on the basis of our desire, which is taking care of local wisdom with technology. We will conduct further research and development for this stupid dispenser. But we still need the support coming from other stakeholders.

Among them, the city authorities are obliged to create a public space that is healthy, drinking water company as proof of their good intentions to reduce the use of plastic bottles, urban communities that contribute the most in increasing the number of plastic garbage, and you who are reading this article.

Given this system, we are optimistic that more or less will reduce the problems that occur around us. Not only to practical economic issues, but also to the sustainability issues which will gradually improve our planet.

Does anyone want to join the quest? Let’s Collaborate.



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