A Day in the Life of Hamidreza Maghazeh (Ham), Head of Social Media, Isobar Malaysia

A multi-disciplinary business development professional with grassroots in marketing and advertising, we have Hamidreza Maghazeh, also favourably known as Ham, share his day as Head of Social Media at Isobar Malaysia this month.

Having built and implemented successful marketing campaigns and strategies for a wide spectrum of industries, Ham’s main focus in Isobar Malaysia is to oversee social media platforms for clients. Read on more below!

Hello everyone! Here is my daughter, Lilian, waking me up this morning. She’s the only reason I get up early. Only at nine months old, Lilian’s already a ball of energy — even at 5 in the morning!

I like starting the day early and welcoming my team with an enthusiastic ‘hello’! Today, we did a quick catch up on the ongoing projects to bring one of our new interns up to speed on all that we’re currently handling this month. The great part of our social team is that we have a constant stream of interns joining us, and that means a constant stream of fresh ideas to the table.

Oh! This is Tanvi, our Lead Strategist, who is a vegetarian. Our day-to-day conversations usually start with me trying to convince her to switch to meat. Apart from this, we also exchange views on the latest trends and ideas in social media and how to leverage on them in our ongoing projects. At the back is SiewFai, our Data guy. He does magic with numbers — creating enthralling stories from a vast amount of excel sheets. We can’t wait for some of our ideas to go live.

Wow! Lunch is lavish today. We are dining at this amazing Iranian restaurant to celebrate a small win. One of our clients just agreed to engage our new offering on Social Employee Advocacy — a service that we’ve been working on for quite some time. This calls for a celebration!

On my way to visit my lovely client. This happens on a weekly basis to ensure we are always aligned with short and long term goals.

Here I am trying to present some thoughts to my social stack. It may not look exciting, but my social stack is made up of really fun people who meet monthly to try to crack ideas on how to innovate the use of social.

This is how the end of the day looks like: quiet and calm. Most of my colleagues have left for the day, so this is sort of a ‘me time’ to sit down and finish the never-ending reports on campaigns. All I have is my lonely lamp shining bright, a framed copy of my daughter’s footprint, and an eager soul waiting to leave for home :)