A Day in the Life of Miel Soneja, Art Director, Dentsu Jayme Syfu Philippines

​This edition of ‘A Day in the Life’ puts the spotlight on young creative, Miel Soneja, from Dentsu Jayme Syfu Philippines. From a new office, winning awards, to a tip on the best beaches in Philippines, find out more about Miel and what a day in her life is like!

Miel Soneja is an Art Director in Dentsu Jayme Syfu. She enjoys travelling (especially to Philippines’ beautiful beaches) and is also a collector of sneakers and streetwear.

Her favourite campaign at the moment is Panasonic’s ‘Life is Electric’ by Dentsu Inc. Tokyo, which won a Design Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this year. Her work mantra is minimalism — she believes in simple, but big ideas. It is important to first be clear before being clever.

What she loves most about Dentsu Jayme Syfu is the culture — people are inspired to do more; they are all driven to change the world with creativity.

Miel spends the weekends with family and friends. She loves hanging out at coffee shops and streetwear boutiques. Her favourite time of the day is around the late afternoon, where she can people-watch, and hopefully, get inspiration for her next projects.

Kumusta! (‘What’s up?’ in Tagalog) Welcome to Dentsu Jayme Syfu! Check out our new office that we just moved into — it’s not fully done yet, but you can see the minimalist and industrial aesthetics already coming together. Here’s an interesting area just in front of my workspace: the bleachers!

This is where the creatives, like myself, work. Over here, I draw, illustrate, eat (when pressed for deadlines) and basically, execute artworks for campaigns and advertising materials.

This is Irish. She’s my copywriter partner. We spend most of our time thinking and eating (Filipinos LOVE to eat!) together. When we’re required to work overtime, we like blasting hip-hop music when there’s no one left in the office.

Though our office is pretty cool, we usually conduct our brainstorming sessions outside, at coffee shops, for example. Having a different environment really helps, because you’ll never know what you’ll see.

I get most of my inspiration for ideas from travelling — I am a beach junkie! Philippines has a tropical climate, so it can get very hot and humid. On the bright side (no pun intended), I’m lucky I live in a country where there are plenty of breathtaking beaches to visit and take a refreshing dip in. If you plan to visit Philippines, I recommend checking out Boracay and El Nido!

I believe that great work is birthed from inspiration — it gets your creative juices flowing! I recently won a young creatives competition, which presented me with the opportunity of representing my country in the London International Advertising Awards’ upcoming Creative LIAisons programme this October. It is also an honour to know that I am one out of the two Filipino representatives! I am also part of the team that bagged a Tambuli award for Development Bank of the Philippines Charging Dock Annual Report — an annual report that actually charges mobile devices.

After a full day of brainstorming and getting approval from the Executive Creative Directors on concepts, my co-creatives and I end the day over dinner, exchanging stories on how we survived the day :)

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