Spotlight on Denver’s Music Scene

Denver Startup Week Makes Huge Strides on the Music Front

Denver has always had a vibrant, funky music scene. But, with the growth we are seeing and the influx of people from all over, many are asking how we can make Denver a major hub for music and an even larger producer of big name talent. This year at startup week, we are pointing a spotlight on these issues and bringing in music domain experts over many fields to cultivate conversations around what makes Denver uniquely poised to blow up it’s local music scene. Many are talking about the opportunities for Denver-based entrepreneurs to solve many music issues using new technology. As we grow into our own as a major hub for tech in the U.S., the possibilities are endless when it comes to music and tech innovation.

Governor Hickenlooper is definitely not a closet-music lover and has always been a champion of the local Denver scene. He has a special place in his heart for seeing this town recognized nationally as a place that nurtures and cultivates an organic melting pot for music.

Denver Startup Week is pleased to bring some exciting talks and panels centered around these topics. This year, we have also kicked up the live music for the week. We have some incredible bands coming to bring you amazing entertainment! We would love to pack all of these events to get people talking and excited about the potential for Denver and how entrepreneurs may find sparks of inspiration! Below, we have listed the music talks and we hope you will find something that will pique your curiosity.

Talk #1

The Music Industry: Where We Are and Where We’re Going

Friday 12pm, Location TBD

Spencer Mitchell-Moore, Universal Music Group/Capitol Records

Spencer works in process innovation for Capitol Records and Universal Music Group. He will be discussing the state of the music industry today and the challenges artists and labels are facing in an ever-changing marketplace. Spencer also talks about how new mediums for music are changing the way records are being made and how labels manage artists. Other topics will include music consumption, the debate over high-resolution audio (HRA), and the role of major music companies in driving new popular music and artists followed by Q&A.

Talk #2

More Than a Scene: How Denver Can Get On the Music Industry Map

Tuesday 26th, 3–4:30pm
Denver may have a great music scene, but it takes a lot more than a few nationally breaking bands to establish our city as a major hub for the music industry. We’ll examine the realities, opportunities, and challenges involved in attracting not only the talent, but the business required to play with the big boys.

Lisa Gedagaudas Denver Arts &Venues
Nick Terzo- Madison House
Kendall Smith- Denverite, Former UMC Events Director
Kyle Harris- Westword Magazine (moderator)

Talk #3

Where Are the Opportunities In Music Tech Today?

Thursday 28th, 4–5:30pm

It seems like when it comes to almost anything in music today, there’s an app for that already. But there are opportunities for innovative startups and developers to solve new problems facing the business. This panel convenes veterans of the space to discuss where the future disruption and evolution lies, and how you can take advantage today.

Tyler Fey- Feyline
Lloyd Starr (formerly) Beatport 
Eloy Lopez Digitally Imported (aslo formerly Beatport) 
Spencer Mitchel-Moore, Universal Music Group/Capitol Records

Seth Glaze-Deezer