The Successful Startup That’s Two Decades Old

When you think of a “startup”, you may not think of a nearly 20-year-old company. But that’s what Healthgrades is. At Healthgrades, we don’t believe that startup is simply a word for a small, new business. We believe that startup is a state of mind — a sentiment echoed by many in the entrepreneurial community. It’s something that can be ignited, shared and cultivated over time.

So when does a startup stop being referred to as a startup?

Some use various metrics such as number of employees or profit to put limitations on what constitutes a startup. Truthfully, the debate comes down to individual interpretation of the word. We choose to rock the term because of our culture and innovative mission. And we don’t plan on outgrowing it.

With deep roots in Denver, Healthgrades has been on the vanguard of healthcare technology for nearly two decades. We still maintain our entrepreneurial spirit, which is why we sponsored the Founders Track for Denver Startup Week this year.

Participating in five panel sessions and speaking in front of thousands of attendees, Denver Startup Week was the perfect platform to let local entrepreneurs know that we’re here, we’re passionate and we’re ready to collaborate.

No matter your take on the startup debate, if you value collaboration and game-changing ideas, be sure to check out Healthgrades. And if you’re interested in joining our fast-paced, supportive environment, you can view job listings on our website.

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