DEOS Games GIVEAWAY launched!

Dear DEOS Games Community,
This is going to be a very exciting year and we are extremely glad to announce the first feature of many hard work hours — Giveaway on DEOS Games!
Without any further delay, let`s get to the point.


  • Giveaway 2 times per day:
00:00–12:00 UTC - first round
12:00–00:00 UTC - second one
  • By default prize is 10 EOS;
  • Giveaway gets 0.2 % from every bet in all DEOS games (POKER, DICE, SLOTS);

For example,

if the wagered sum is 20K EOS — Giveaway gets 40 EOS for prize;
if the wagered sum is 100K EOS — Giveaway gets 200 EOS;
  • The Giveaway Prize is going to be distributed in that way:
1st — 50 % of the total giveaway sum
2nd — 25 %
3rd — 12.5 %
4th — 6.25 %
5th — 3.13 %

Every next rank will receive half of the prize of the previous rank
Moreover, the smallest award will be 0.0001 EOS!

Please give us your feedback to make DEOS Games better than ever!
Good luck!

Check it out — !

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