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Jun 5 · 4 min read

Dear DEOS Games community!
Few month has already passed since our Push-Fold Holdem Poker Announcement. That was full of conceptualizing, coding and, of course, revision to bring the best we can to you.

We worked a lot and now we are ready to announce, that DEOS Push-Fold Holdem Poker is launched!

DEOS Push-Fold Holdem Poker is probably the most convinient, smooth and UI friendly Holdem Poker on EOS

*** Play now — ***

What is Push-Fold Holdem Poker?

Push-Fold Holdem Poker is fast and simple variety of Holdem Poker. Here you have only 2 options to act — Push or Fold.

Push means 10 big blinds bet

You don’t need to make any deposits for playing. You can just choose your table and take your sit. To take a sit you need to make a minimum buy-in of 2 Push bets.

Ones you take your sit on the table, you need to wait till it will be your turn to bet a big blind. After that you game begins!

There are no flops and turnes like in classic Texas Holdem Poker. Push-Fold Holdem Poker has only the river — round, when all 5 cards are shared for the players.

So playing process is simplified and quick:

  1. You get you 2 cards
  2. You choose 1 of 2 options — Push or Fold. Push means 10 big blinds bet.
  3. All 5 cards are shared on the table and the winner is defined!

Pay attention: if you missed you turn, game will sit you out from the round.

Every round you choose between moving Push or folding on every hand. In DEOS Push-Fold Poker, the thrill will build as quickly as the cards are dealt. There’s no tanking on each street and no way for the action to slow down. As soon as one Push is done, it’s time for another.

When you will fully enjoyed by the game and decide to stop, you just need to press “Cash out” button to take you funds back.

DEOS Push-Fold Holdem Poker features

Fully on-chain gameplay

Our game provides fully on-chain gameplay. Every in-game action is recording in EOS blockchain and can be checked by anyone. Besides that you don’t need to make any deposits to play unlike other Holdem Poker games on EOS.

You can just login, buy-in on the table and enjoy!


Every user has an opportunity to choose the table he wants to play in the Lobby. There is a list of actual tables and a preview of each table with actual players, bets amount and free seats.

Multi-table game

In this game mode you can play at few tables at the same time. You can play at one table and if there will some action needed at other table — you will receive notification at the top of the page

Engaging gameplay

Animations, sounds, smooth and exciting playing will fully engage you in our DEOS Push-Fold Holdem Poker


All in-game cards are encrypted by randomly generated keys and visible for nobody except an owner.

VIP program

Push-Fold Poker has implemented VIP rakeback program. Players will receive a rakeback from the DEOS Games house edge for their total EOS wagered sum. More EOS you wagered — bigger rakeback you get. The first level of VIP program starts from 100 EOS wagered.

Coming updates

In a few week our team will release an update with some interesting features

Provable fairness

Provable fairness check feature will be added and any user will have an opportunity to see for themselves that gameplay process is fully fair and transparent.

Security updates

We will add IP check and some other features to avoid bots and provide safe gaming experience for our players.

And of course for some special users we will add private tables where users authorization will be needed.

We are sure that our DEOS Push-Fold Holdem Poker will bring you as comfortable and unique gameplay as we can. If you have any suggestions for better gaming process, write in our Telegram.

Enjoy new Push-Fold Holdem Poker

Stay with us and follow us via Twitter, Reddit,Telegram, Steemit!

DEOS Games

DEOS Games is a project that aims to launch truly decentralized, provably fair games on EOS blockchain

DEOS Games

Written by

DEOS Games is a project that aims to launch truly decentralized, provably fair games on EOS blockchain

DEOS Games

DEOS Games is a project that aims to launch truly decentralized, provably fair games on EOS blockchain

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