EOS AIRDROP: DEO Token Play casino games for free ;)

Hello EOS holders! We have great news for you.

Exciting times are coming, everyone is waiting for EOS network to launch. Besides there are true believers in EOS platform that already doing dapps and trying to be first in that niche. DEOS Games is one of them.

Long story short, 25th May, 9 AM EST(1PM UTC) an AIRDROP to happen to every EOS token holder at a rate 1:1 ( EOS: DEO).

Token Distribution will happen after EOS mainnet launch, and should be processed between 3rd and 7th June.

In order to receive DEO tokens you must have EOS public key registered at EOS.IO website. If you have troubles with it, in the end of this post there’re several links on how to do it. Note. We will never ask for your EOS private key. We will need just to match your public key in order to map your EOS balance at a time of Airdrop(snapshot) and future EOS token key.

If you keep your EOS tokens at exchange, we will need your help to contact with exchanges and provide DEO tokens. Please let us know if any of exchanges is good with doing so, and ping us at hello@deosgames.com

“What is DEO tokens about?”, you ask.

DEO token stands for DEOS Games project, which aims to create 21 game that is truly decentralized, fast and free to play.

Our team selected first 6 games so far. These are dice, blackjack, poker(Texas Hold’em), bingo(lotto), roulette. The rest of games to be selected by voting process using your DEO token. More information can be found at https://deosgames.com

Note. Project concept is a subject to change in case of community feedbacks as well as early versions tests.

If you are not EOS Token holder you still can claim some DEO tokens, a MiniDrop is going to be run. We made a bot that makes it happen, so you will need to do several simple actions like following our pages and inviting friends in order to receive more tokens. 70 DEO tokens at max is possible to get within airdrop and we are limited to 40 000 users.

Bot can be found at https://t.me/DEOSAirdropBot

Happy Airdropping…!

Links on EOS tokens on how to register: