Frequently Asked Questions and Quick Links

Quick access to FAQ and department-related documents and systems

This page will provide department personnel and citizens alike to quickly gain information regarding the department and access department-related documents and systems.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I become a department employee? How do I get a job? How do I pursue a career within the department?

To pursue a career within the department and to achieve employment in general, click here for more information.

2. What is the process of getting employed within the Department of Homeland Security? Will it take long?

The process to acquire employment within the department is not a long one, but it is a demanding one. In the link above, the administration outlines how to seek a career and how to achieve employment.

To achieve employment, you must apply or tryout for a position. From there, in short time, your applications will be reviewed, forwarded to the administration, and approved or denied of. Through tryouts, you will be approved of or denied of on the spot, as we get a visual look to the candidate’s capabilities.

Through both methods, attendance to orientation and induction after approval is imperative to acquire more information on the department and the incoming personnel’s duties. From there, the incoming personnel is serviced and deployed. The process does not take long, but it is enough to capture the necessary — and thorough — information required.

3. How do I become a Secret Service agent? How do I become a Federal Protective Service agent?

To become an employee of the Department of Homeland Security’s children departments, the same rules apply as above. Although inductions and orientations may not be part of their process, it is a process of the Homeland Security.

You must apply or tryout for any Department of Homeland Security-related branch, department, or agency. All tryouts and applications for children departments will be officially announced, as well.

4. Why was my application denied? How long does it take to get a response back to my application?

Provided in the link above is an explanation of what is required and questioned through applications, along with background information on what is searched for by the application supervisors and the department administration. If you are not a citizen of the United States, if you lack the experience or qualifications, if you fail the thorough background checks instated, etc., your application will be denied.

Once the application cycle closes, the application supervision team and the department administration will begin filtering the applications and responding to the best-qualified candidates. Those that do not receive a response have not been approved for the currently cycle of applications, though this does not mean the applicant is unable to apply in the next cycle.

5. How do I report any terrorist activity or any endangering activity?

The Department of Homeland Security administration are open to the public providing any feedback, reports, questions, comments, or concerns. If the public realize any danger or illegal activity in their area, they are free to confront any department personnel nearby.

If you have encountered large-scale terrorist activity or other endangering activity, please contact the Chief of Staff, Deputy Secretary, or Secretary of Homeland Security directly and the situation will immediately be monitored, investigated, reported on, responded to, and resolved. The department personnel stand ready and prepared and are only a call away from responding to and deterring and dangerous or hazardous activity.

6. How do I report abusive personnel?

The department administration do not take lightly to personnel poorly, incorrectly, or unfairly using their position and its authority. The department personnel are heavily inducted and trained to use their authority and the perks behind their positions strictly for the well-being of the citizens. Incorrectly employing their positions and authority results in an immediate termination of employment if the administration review the report and deem so.

To report abusive personnel, click here. Whilst making a report, please ensure to have the following:

  • the name of the department personnel
  • video evidence of the personnel incorrectly performing or abusing
  • a brief explanation of the situation and the wrong-doings of the agent

The administration thanks you for the report and for keeping an eye out towards the safety and security of our communities.

Quick Links:

To access The Department of Homeland Security Trello Board, click here.

To report abusive department personnel, click here.

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