Providing Further Employment to the People

The department’s coming incorporation within H.I.R.E

The Department of Homeland Security and its administration have, since the beginning, sought to provide as many opportunities for employment that could possibly be offered (while abiding by and following department necessity and capacity). Tryouts for the department, along with applications from time to time, have been frequent occurrences and notices that employment events will be taking place have been publicly posted beforehand. Through this abundance of tryouts that have been taking place, the department has successfully, through time, vacated personnel that have failed to put forth effort, time, and attention towards the department and have filled the openings with personnel who, on the contrary, are giving their best efforts and are ensuring the constant security of our homeland.

The Department of Homeland Security and its components have built a strong bond with one another. As a family, the department personnel work together day in and day out to, as previously stated, ensure the constant safety, security, and resilience of our nation. Since the beginning of the administration, the department command have been focused on organizing and structuring the department in a manner in which everyone has their respective jurisdictions and roles, have their set tasks, and that everyone understands what to do, when to do it, how to do it, who to respond to, who to go to, who to work with, and more.

The administration is very pleased with the currently employed department personnel and the immense effort and dedication they are putting forth towards the department, the nation, and its people. This group of excellent performers have been acquired simply due to their own will and desire to serve the department, have attended posted tryouts, and have successfully achieved employment. The administration would like to expand upon this aspect of providing employment opportunities to the people and are glad to announce that the Department of Homeland Security will be incorporating into the “Helping Individuals Receive Employment (H.I.R.E)” program in order to, as previously stated, further provide employment opportunities to the public and to those seeking employment.

As of now, the department administration are focused on implementing routes towards employment within the:

  • Homeland Security
  • Federal Protective Service

More information in regard to the steps being taken to enter the program will be posted on the Secretary of Homeland Security’s Twitter page (@MrShibeRBX) and on the official Twitter account of the Department of Homeland Security (@DHSNUSA).

As soon as the department has incorporated itself into the program, the department administration will release another update on how to go about achieving employment within the program.

[ For more information on employment within the department in general, aside from the program, please click here. ]

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding. We hope, down the road, that the administration’s efforts to offer open employment as much as possible will greatly assist employment-seekers in their careers and futures within the nation.

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