PGH Lab is back with a fourth cohort!

Welcoming eight startups to local government

Annia Aleman
Nov 30, 2018 · 4 min read

After successfully completing three cycles, the City of Pittsburgh and local authorities have engaged 15 local startups in pilot projects testing a variety of new products and services. While not all companies secure local government contracts, two companies have moved to paid engagements after the completion of their pilot projects. PGH Lab is coming back with a fourth cohort constituted by local startups and small businesses proposing solutions ranging from impact hub pop-ups, smart lots, smart facilities management, composting and environmental sustainability, IT network security, and business consulting.

These startups have gone through extensive training from renowned national, regional, and local incubators and accelerators including Alpha Lab and Alpha Lab Gear, Y Combinator, Work Hard Pittsburgh and New Sun Rising. Starting from now through the end of February 2019, startups will be busy working on their pilot projects and using local government as their urban lab. They will be gaining real-time market feedback, iterating on their products and services, and learning how to work with local government. The cycle will conclude with a company community showcase at the end of March 2019.

Participating startups will receive guidance from a City Champion as well as access to the City’s facilities, network, and the pilot project management platform Urban Leap. Urban Leap is a Palo Alto-based company leader in urban innovation management. Its cloud-based platform will enable the city champions assigned to each pilot to centralize, update, and track strategic information related to the pilot, together with the startups, via one single interface.

Welcoming PGH Lab 4.0!

Change Agency serves as a hub for civic initiatives to build a more welcoming, inclusive, and equitable Pittsburgh. Current projects include All for All and Age-Friendly Greater Pittsburgh, which aim to further immigrant inclusion and bring people of all ages together. The project, Impact PGH pop-up, establishes a physical space for emerging social entrepreneurs and creatives from underrepresented populations and traditionally stonewalled communities to positively impact our region. Change Agency will be working alongside the Department of Public Works and the Office of Community Affairs, City of Pittsburgh.

DECO Resources provides environmental consulting and green design for water, energy, and technology in green infrastructure. DECO resources supports sustainable development through Design — Engineering — Construction and Operations. DECO Resources will be working alongside the Department of Planning, City of Pittsburgh.

Honeycomb Credit is a crowd financing platform that connects small businesses seeking expansion loans with community members looking to invest locally. Honeycomb Credit will use its platform to pilot the first ever crowd-financed facade improvement matching program working alongside the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Streetface Program.

IT Security Solutions, Inc., offers cyber security domain expertise services ranging from technology security audits and penetration testing to continuous network scanning for businesses of all sizes. The company recently launched ITS Safe™, a proprietary managed security solution that blocks hackers from attacking networks. ITS Safe is managed for the clients to keep their businesses secure. IT Security Solutions, Inc., will be working alongside the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

LifeWhere is a connected home services solution. LifeWhere uses LifePulse technology that attaches to machines in the home or facilities to monitor the health of home or facilities’ utilities, alerting homeowners and service providers to a problem before it happens. The startup will be working alongside the Department of Public Works, City of Pittsburgh.

RoomLeopard is a website platform that addresses the dual problems of unused space not being used and the individuals or communities that need space for events, meetings, and gatherings, but not easily finding and renting those spaces. RoomLeopard will be working alongside the Department of Public Works, City of Pittsburgh.

Techstra Solutions is a business consulting firm that helps companies navigate change and implement new strategies to achieve the business value of Digital Talent Transformation. Techstra Solutions has worked with large organizations to execute digital transformation, technology implementations, and operational improvements. The startup will be working alongside the Department of Innovation & Performance, City of Pittsburgh.

Worm Return helps organizations and individuals use vermicomposting strategies to reduce waste and improve food/plant quality. Worm Return staff offers consulting services to gardening groups, green committees, schools, and community organizations to help them create food waste solutions. The startup will be working with the Department of City Planning, City of Pittsburgh.

PGH Lab brings local entrepreneurs to beta test products and services in local government for 3–4 months. Get inspired to start working on your own innovative ideas. Make sure to stay connected and ask questions about PGH Lab through our twitter!

Department of Innovation & Performance

The Department of Innovation & Performance is building a 21st-century government for the City of Pittsburgh and its residents.

Annia Aleman

Written by

Nicaraguan-American. Innovation Director @Ascenderpgh , former Sr. Civic Innovation @CityPGH . @pittsburgh_cm enthusiast.

Department of Innovation & Performance

The Department of Innovation & Performance is building a 21st-century government for the City of Pittsburgh and its residents.

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