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🍲 What’s bubbling, DePay? Monthly Recap for July 2021

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Besides our short recovery period, we were happy to welcome our co-founder friend and now-CFO Aleksandar Mladenovic as the third member of the chief-team!

Recently, we have often been asked what exactly is bubbling up and when more announcements will follow.

Photo by Uwe Conrad on Unsplash

There is very little standing in the way of our upcoming BSC launch. We are massively looking forward to our announcement in the coming weeks 🚀!

BSC we are coming! Join our Telegram group:

Just like the previous month, we came in contact with several new projects/side chains in July. We are happily embracing each project and evaluating how to scale our expansions even faster after the BSC launch.

The markets seem to have recovered a bit now and we thank you for staying patient.

Now it’s time to start beating the drum a little more again! 🥁🥁🥁

✨Top 3 Highlights of Last Month✨

  1. Our BSC transaction tests for the DePay router have been successful.
  2. Our new Chief Financial Officer Aleksandar now enriches our company with his decades of experience as top-tier finance analyst.
  3. After a longer stagnation of the markets, we now see the perfect time to concretize our BSC expansion.As we have already communicated, the focus will be on rewarding current DEPAY holders.

From the Minds🤔💭 of Team DePay

“The calm before the storm. I’m personally very excited to see months of work coming together.”
Sebastian Pape, CEO & CTO

„Shh.. Finalizing the “DePay Summer Launch”. And my bike trip was amazing, thanks. Yes I know, I look better tanned. I have to keep working, Sorry.”
Alexander Paul, CMO

“Excited to have formally started my adventure with DePay. Exciting times ahead!”
Aleksandar Mladenovic, CFO

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