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New WordPress Plugin: DePay Donations is here!

We have just enabled Web3 donations for the most used CMS in the world.

With the release of our new Web3 Crypto Donation plugin for WordPress users, a new chapter has begun for DePay: We are moving into the phase of scaling with the goal of mass adoption of truly decentralized P2P Web3 payments.

As we previously wrote in our Q1 review, DePay has recently managed to build a fundamental bridge between traditional e-commerce and our Web3 payment protocol.

Nevertheless, it is important to us that not only commercially active users benefit from the advantages of our payment solution, but also content creators and providers of public goods such as knowledge or software in general.

Wordpress has shaped the internet for almost 20 years now. We are thrilled to enable people running their WordPress installation to accept Web3 donations as simple as installing a plugin — literally, says Sebastian Pape, Founder of DePay.

We think: Giving is just as important as selling 🙏

The DePay team is convinced that free education and the “Open Source” idea as such can give strong impulses for positive developments in our world.

However, altruism has clear limits: Journalists, educators, software developers, and any other type of publishers have to pay their bills as everyone else has to. Altruists should not have to worry about how to cover ongoing expenses. Luckily, people who use free software often contribute to its growth in different ways.

The open source idea goes hand in hand with community based support or funding — and DePay begins establishing a new standard for Web3-based financial support.

We are proud to present the “DePay Donations” Plugin for WordPress — the most used content management and website platform for webmasters which is the basis of nearly 40% of all existing websites today.

DePay Donations: Receive Web3-based P2P donations with any token on WordPress 💸

WordPress Plugin for Web3 Donations — DePay Donations

DePay Donations is the first Open Source WordPress plugin that allows accepting P2P donations with decentralized conversion of incoming cryptocurrency donations into tokens selected by the receiver. It’s a free to install WordPress plugin which allows content creators and publishers to accept middleman-free and therefore financial-censorship-resistant donations.

WordPress publishers seeking to accept crypto donations often have to choose between two main options:

A common way is to use a centralized crypto payment gateway. Going this way implies that one has to trust intermediaries who accept the donations on one’ s behalf, which contradicts the core idea of decentralization. Additionally, the number of cryptocurrencies that can be accepted with this option is often very limited.

Another option is to provide wallet addresses in plain text on their site. Besides the aesthetics, this way requires that you have high administrative overhead with monitoring different wallets and converting tokens to hedge against volatility.

DePay Donations offers an alternative with a new paradigm enabled by decentralized finance. It maximizes decentralization, interoperability and token acceptance while minimizing the administrative burden on the donation recipient.

Major Features 💡

  • Open-source payment protocol.
  • Supporting multiple blockchains.
  • Middleman-free P2P payments from supporter-wallet to receiver-wallet.
  • Supporting 100+ of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Decentralized token conversion via liquidity pools such as Uniswap or PancakeSwap.
  • Selecting the tokens to be received after on-the-fly conversion of incoming donations.
  • Accepting donations with tens-of-thousands of tokens on supported blockchains.
  • Triggering the widget by clicks on buttons or custom links.
  • Style settings with live preview & custom CSS support.

Try it yourself!

Are you interested in trying our plugin?

Have a look at our simple step-by-step guide to install DePay Donations as a plugin in WordPress.

Don’t have your own WordPress-based site yet? Check out our live demo at

About DePay

DePay pioneers Web3 Payments with the power of DeFi.

Driving mass adoption of blockchain based payments, DePay merges the core ideas of decentralization and interoperability with state-of-the-art Web3 technologies.

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Web3 Payments. Trustless & Permissionless Multi-Chain Payments With On-the-fly Token Conversion.

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