🥞 What’s Cooking, DePay? Monthly Review for June 2021

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3 min readJul 2, 2021

Over the past month, our focus has been on preparing for sustainable growth with an eye on our multichain future. As a result of our ongoing Twitter campaign, we have established many relationships with other project leaders (not just on Ethereum, but more on that later).

Are the markets ready for a renewed uptrend? We don’t know, but we are optimistic. However, the DePay team makes the most of such times full of media and political FUD campaigns by working on securing our future and preparing important things for the next bull market.

Top 3 Highlights✨ of Last Month

1. L2 solutions have continued to prove and establish themselves over the past month. We already hinted at it above: several well-known names from the L2 sphere have contacted us to evaluate the implementation of DePay.

2. Multichain interest: We are not far from seeing DePay on other blockchains after the BSC launch. Our continued network building seems to have made circles, as well-known blockchain teams have also discussed expanding to their space with us in the last month. We’ll keep you posted.

3. We have created some great educational content on becoming a Uniswap v3 liquidity provider. We want to teach people how to use the new features of Uniswap v3 to maximize their passive income from liquidity provision while supporting the DePay project. The content will be published soon.

From the Minds🤔💭 of Team DePay

“Having implemented payment routing on Ethereum was complex. Supporting one additional chain (BSC) multiplies that complexity, and pursuing the goal of becoming blockchain agnostic means dealing with exponentially complex matters. Luckily there is the concept of abstraction which helps us to master complexity when building Software and Systems. This month we’ve built a lot of the underlying abstractions that are required to grow onto multiple chains and we have built it out in the open: Go check our Github”
Sebastian Pape, CEO & CTO

„For me, the last month was all about communication and preparing important requirements for everything that is coming up soon. Our ongoing Twitter campaign has given me a lot of insights into community dynamics. I was able to use the calm of the bear market very well to optimize our marketing processes. A continuing open point for us is to analyze our product-market fit in order to focus on Angle-specific funnel optimization in addition to blockchain expansion. One thing is certain: “DeCom” (aka. DePay Commerce :P) will play an important role..”
Alexander Paul, CMO

“Team alignment was a key focus this month, not just on the short term but also on the longer term horizon. Key points were proactively raised in order to align focus and drive in order to support efficient resource utilization. This will ensure that we work efficiently as we move towards this years goals whilst dealing with bottle necks and constraints both internally and externally.”
Aleksandar Mladenovic, CFO

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