Ernesto Neto VS Caligari’s cabinet

or how and why a “30 minutes sketch” ended after 4 hours of hard work.

this story is about the design of the space seen in the video above. I intended to produce it during a 30mn set, combining speed, synthesis… finished late and far from what I had in mind, but it shows how deep virtual space is and how virtual reality provides new horizons to which is interested in space conception. As a reminder I’m working directly in virtual reality using Quill a 2Dtool performing in 3Dspace by Oculus story studio with an Oculus Rift and an Alienware laptop (nvidia ).

I realize that this story will not make me a master :(

Start point

can’t see the link ? …. that’s the point
My last work in VR using Quill, ended drafting ideas about what could weigh or float in VR and makes me think about Ernesto Neto’s work.

Minute 4, the breakpoint (what?)

a simple ligne reveal an unexpected spatiality, and that’s how I left Ernesto Neto (I’ll go back to him later probably)
And that’s the point where I left my solo 30mn chalenge.


After that, it’s only a question of shaping, twisting, distorting, mixing, combining, colorizing, (transparenti-zing ?), it’s the point when you loose your time schedule, substitute by the dialog with what you build. It took me 3 hours of work divided in many sessions, riding a countryside road, rather than a highway.

Based on a square this line generates less organic spaces that the one above
combining, inflating and distorting are my favorite tools, the result can’t be totally under control but it’s ok for me.
at this point it looks more like a Kaleidoscope than a Space

Unconsciously referenced

Kurt Schwitters and Dr Caligary’s Cabinet, were not directly in my mind but under many many layers, who knows !

Less is more?

Loosing in Sharpness to acquire sensation.

1/2/3: It took me long, working with the erasing tool to reveal what is hiding, (step 2 was quite scary).