Let’s try to be less enigmatic

Another exploration: “profondeur”, using Quill tools to generate space, in an abstract way.
(posted in Virtual painting facebook group 2017/02/17 4pm france)


Considering our presence in space as an immersion in an atmosphere, raises the question of how to generate such an atmosphere in virtual space, using oculus rift.

What ???

Exemples: (not pretending to be such a master)

Venice, The Mouth of the Grand Canal, Joseph Mallord William Turnerca. 1840


Ann Veronica Janssen’s room of fog


Using Quill tools

in a simple way

for its ability to generate spatial texture, using composition, superposition, color and transparency….

Infinite combinations/variations/moods

basic use of layers, transparency, modifier tools in Quill (can’t stop!)

Cubemaps using Quill’s embeded camera