Space in VR is costless and for that could/should be an “all experiment’s place”.

Spatial textures

The three project below, three virtual spaces designed in VR using Quill from oculus story studio are based on a single element, initialy a lign, distorted , copied, reproducted,

Quill, Oculus studio’s software, is for me, till now the perfect tool to produce space while immersed in Virtual reality. Its appearing simplicity is not a limit for the creation, far from it!

Basic drawing tools, layers, copy, distortion, are all that we need to be the VR stonecutter. I’m even not using the export tool, feeling no need to bring the project to reality, waiting for an inside VR sharing ability.

Designing in virtual space is as real as masoning in the real space, a self-sufficient act.


Far from the simplicity of the three above projects, the above one shows that pattern combination is infinite like in the real world

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