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Virtual Atmosphere.


Dipped is the place where I narrate my exploration of “space’s generation from inside the Virtual space of virtual reality”, mainly using Quill, Oculus studio’s software for many reasons already explained in different posts.


If my last works where “space scaled” …

This time, I intended to develop a “landscape scaled” proposition, questioning extents, boundaries, limits, horizon.

a single straight white line, multiplied, twisted and thickened.

I love starting from a single line, using the traditional software’s 2D drawing’s tools + copy, paste, color, distort + layer’s disconnection… to produce a basic or complex texture which reveals an inherent spatiality while diving in it.

previous “single line’s spaces” (here) and (here)


Quill’s (oculus studio’s software) quite infinite zoom ability allows us to generate virtual landscape. Immersing ourselves in virtual painting is an amazing experience, during which simple lines are easily becoming builts, hills, lakes, clouds…

But the hard thing is to go further

Going further is not an easy part and for that, I often feel the need to go OUT of the virtual space and virtual reality, looking at captures, snapshots on my computer before re-diving in it. Sometimes immersion is close to drowning that it becomes difficult to do part of it.

Suddenly I saw a lead, here the co-presence of built geometry (lines) and atmosphere (mixed surfaces)


from that, it was essentially a question of erasing, to define the boundaries, to reveal what was hidden, to mix the strata.

From that:



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