Deptford Gardens Festival

Deptford Gardens is a new initiative, started by local people keen to activate the green spaces on their doorstep. Its about teaming up and finding other green fingered friends in the area doing the same thing. Assembly at Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden, the Wonky Prong on the Crossfields estate and the Deptford High Street Community Garden on Church Street’s green, decided it was time to join forces and get the people of Deptford gardening!

Through a small grant from the Deptford Challenge Trust fund, the initial group plan to set-up a network to encourage more people in Deptford, to get gardening. This is just the start of something that will hopefully grow with the input of other groups and individuals.

With the fund we’ll be putting a few things in place to help grow the Deptford Gardens network. Firstly, a website will soon be up and running that will house a map, calendar and events listing, so groups can post and promote their activities. Next, there will be signage and notice boards popping up in public spaces, to guide people to the green spaces all over Deptford. Again the notice boards will be a space for groups to promote their own spaces and activities. Lastly, a number of coordinated volunteer days will be organised, to help out the gardens that are part of the Deptford Gardens network, with the hope that over time the network will grow and start a movement of ‘Deptford Gardeners’!

It all kicks off with the Deptford Gardens Festival at the Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden on 20th September from 12–6pm. Come and celebrate the start of the project with us. There will be bands and performances, games and workshops, food and refreshments and plenty of fun! Sign up as a Deptford Gardener and become part of the movement.

To get involved as a volunteer or join the network as a Deptford Garden, get in touch at or send an e-mail to

Deptford Gardens Festival at
Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden,
Reginald Road,
Deptford, SE8 4NS

Leading up to the festival
We need keen volunteers to help set-up. We are working with MADCAP coalition to put on this fantastic urban festival, but we need help getting everything ready. We are looking for individuals to give us a bit of time to make this all happen.

  • This Sunday the 14th MADCAP are taking down their equipment at Fordham Park after the festival. We need help taking down and then storing equipment at Old Tidemill School.
  • Thursday 18th and Friday 19th, we are setting up the festival in the Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden and again, we need some keen and enthusiastic volunteers to help us get everything ready!

Contact to sign up and lend a hand.