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The Illusion of the American Dream

Imagine there’s a town with a large apple industry. Some lone vendors are selling and growing apples. They get richer and richer, and more people decide to sell their apples.

The town is thriving and an ever-growing amount of apples are being sold. People are coming in from other countries to find their place in the apple town.

They believe with such a passion that they can make a living in this town of apple cultivation and retail. They are hired to do the jobs that nobody wants to do in this place. They fervently believe that there is a better future in store for them that will appear out of nowhere when they’ve toiled enough.

They’re just wasting time. People like this are common. You can see them everywhere you go as long as there’s something to do there. They don’t understand that just working isn’t going to change anything. They have to advocate for themselves, they have to tell people that they want something more fulfilling and interesting. They want a reward for their work, and that’s just not what they’re getting.

This belief that anyone can be successful if they try hard enough is called the American dream, and it is not truthful at all. What’s going to happen if everyone tries to make this idea a reality? Success is only permitted to a lucky few, and such a distinctive characteristic is only that way when everyone wishes to attain it but they don’t usually get it.

Although the idea behind the American dream is helpful, it simply does not exist. Immigrants are coming to America from across the world in the hope of finding a better job, better treatment, or more money, yet the vast majority of them are coming only to become oppressed by the American systems.

We can see this in the case of migrant workers. Their average lifespan is an alarming 49 years, while most Americans have a lifespan of 77.2 years. Migrant workers tend to work harder and more dangerous jobs, which increases their disease burden by a large amount. The majority of them are constantly exploited and are victims of modern slavery. They have little to no healthcare coverage, which only worsens the problem.

These workers are one of the groups that are affected by the American Dream. This ideal is deceiving at best, and dangerous at worst. It gives immigrants and minorities seeking refuge false hope.

Another issue with the American Dream is that it promotes this idea that America is exceptional. It increases hegemony and only promotes nationalism. It makes it so that people ignore inequalities and biases they have, in trying to believe that America is, in fact, a dreamland.

America isn’t perfect. That is a very true statement. Walter McMillian was wrongfully convicted of murder and sent to death row. He spent six years stuck in a cell but an innocent man until his exoneration. Would that happen in a perfect country?

America is dissolving into nothing on a scale of justice, of perfection. There is no longer any good evidence for the American Dream. You shouldn’t keep believing in something that doesn’t exist and will ruin your life. Change your beliefs now and gain happiness. One step forward and nothing will ever be the same.

America needs to work together to ensure that the American Dream is altered and someday is achievable, but first, we have to get rid of unachievable expectations. It’s you and the rest of the country that can fix these problems.

To start fixing the American Dream, you need to read more of what I have to say. Go to to read our stories and go to to learn more about what my team and I do.

Together, we can make our dreams come true. Apart, we can barely achieve one. Remember that and remember us at Depth of Identity.



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