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CV19: Dashboards

A curated list of dashboards for tracking the COVID-19 pandemic and related factors.


The following links provide dashboards and related resources for a number of different perspectives analyzing the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Note that the more reliable sources tend to:

  • cite data sources
  • focus on per-capita estimates instead of absolute values per region
  • show confidence intervals and predictive bounds
  • condition any reported ratios of relatively sparse data by using point estimates
  • discuss external factors which aren’t represented by features in their models

OTOH, among the less reliable sources … not so much. YMMV.

COVID-19 deaths/mil vs. US metro population, Earth Day 2020

Analysis and Briefings

AI-based summarization and briefings are vital, given the tsunami of news sources, the flood of new research, and so on.

Virus Impact and Healthcare Projections

Again, the per-capita metrics are generally more useful than others.

IoT-based Measures

Leveraging sensors data geographically provides excellent insights.

Air Quality

While the science is somewhat controversial, evidence is accumulating that areas with high incidence of PM2.5 particulate correlate with high incidence of infection and death from COVID-19.

Climate Change

Extreme weather events (flooding, storms, etc.) exacerbated by climate change tend to cause severe disruptions in the already stressed healthcare system, emergency efforts, etc.

Cyber Attacks

Genomic Epidemiology

Genomic analysis of the novel coronavirus tracks transmission geographically and over time.

At-Risk Population

Risk scenario planning and analysis. See also:

Socioeconomic Impact

Analysis and trends related to COVID-19.


Other popular sources.

Also, although Medium does not render previews correctly for and some of the other interesting links, these dashboards from IBM are really good:


Meanwhile, we wish you and yours to keep safe and be well,




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