Paco Nathan
Sep 25, 2016 · 3 min read

“Arriving Penn Station. Arriving Penn Station,” blurts the train intercom. “Welcome to New York, New York.”

Surfacing, thrust into striated simulacra of human endeavor, the conceit packaged and served with the efficiency of an airport McDonalds.

A pigeon flits obliquely into the pedestrian flow zone. Oblivious to the calls of wildlife that surround, “Shawarma, shawarma!”

Has a language evolved where people must hear each phrase repeated at least twice before being understood? Before being understood?

Among the most prevalent of these is the word “Empire”. Oh so fitting here in the capitol of the Anthropocene, its epicentrum.

“Checkin’ his stash by the trash at St. Mark’s place.”

Vast gaps of raw existence belie a topological homology, its avant-garde psychogeography determining the shapes of things by examining their holes.

The thing I love about inceptionism as an avant-garde paradigm springs from a kernel of insight by Kubrick … also, intense semantic similarity to Rucker’s transrealist works with transposition of grammatical “person”, perhaps hinted in the gnomic elegiac of a Ruelle song and its Terry Brooks-inspired application, with a nod to Undine.

Suprastructurally for me, an attractant to an earlier generation of AI research where “abduction” entailed a philosophical algorithm to articulate approximately what deep dreaming achieves. Lenat as mentor, though I feel substantively more indebted to Kubrick, in the visceral sense of experiencing the dubious role of “disciple”. Kubrick struggled, notably through 2001, to elicit, to evoke a kind of bijective tension between “script” and “scripture”. The former being a principal mass driver of belief in the age of ephemeral contemporary media, especially film, while the latter frames latent signals for anachronistic principle, as layers of literature inherited through the ages.

That enduring edge between fictive and ontological language, wherein our cognition struggles perpetually, in the very least as one evidential data point of something ascribed eternal.

An algorithmic approach, TDA, signifies: while clustering algorithms may have inaugurated commercial viability of “machine learning” at scale in its unsupervised flavors, IMO it is the conceptual complement of clustering that hints at the trajectory of unsupervised learning — vast structures, even our language. An old friend from the world of Fichte and von Schelling, reincarnate in striated spaces. I dearly wish that Kubrick could have lived to savor The Witch Who Came From Mars; nearly as much as I’d love to see the Thug Notes version of Donna Haraway.

HAL-9000: What is going to happen?
Dave: Something wonderful.
HAL-9000: I’m afraid.
Dave: Don’t be. We’ll be together.
HAL-9000: Where will we be?
Dave: Where I am now.

“Cog Natives” we have ostensibly become, and if one stares long enough at the end of the world, what could be seen emerging beyond that apotheosis?

Perhaps chimeric, posthuman, deconstructing Itsy Bitsy Spider. Ob(li)vious psychogeographical bias notwithstanding, will someone please pass the paten?

Manhattan, NYC; 40.7506° N, -73.9935° W

The next in the sequence is 虚幻世界 / Xūhuàn shìjiè— excerpts from an upcoming collection of Liber 118 short stories.


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