If you are new to Web Development or React in particular, you might have heard this buzz word “React Hooks” a lot and might be finding it overwhelming too. You may be having questions like — “Should I learn it? Is it important? Is it even required for a beginner like me?”.

I cannot straight away answer your questions, but I can help you understand why do React Hooks exist and what motivated their introduction to React by the React Team. This understanding will help you decide whether to learn React Hooks or not.

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Just so that we don’t get…

The Coronavirus outbreak has brought the whole world to a standstill. This presents to us an opportunity to do things that we have always wanted to but couldn’t just because of lack of time. With my interests in computers, I have always wanted to create something which is actually useful in real life and which can create an impact. …

Hetav Desai

Design and Development

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