Descript 1.4: Collaborative Editing & Version History with Descript Drive

Run — don’t walk!— to your nearest Descript > Check for Updates menubar entry. Descript 1.4, available today (download link), introduces Descript Drive, a major new component of Descript that allows for Cloud-based Project storage, collaborative editing, and version history. Watch the video below, or read on for the highlights.

Descript Drive: Save to the Cloud, Access Anywhere

In one click, upload your project to Descript Drive and then access it from anywhere. When saving new versions of your Project to Drive, Descript only uploads changes, making it fast and easy to update.

Collaborative Editing

Add editors so they can download your Project from their Drive and save changes. Descript makes sure only one person can edit the Project at a time.

Version History (beta)

Revision history gives you peace of mind, by letting you revert to any previous version of your project that has been saved to Descript Drive. All users will have access to their revision history during this initial release period (it will become a premium feature in the future).

Privacy Controls

Make your Project accessible to anyone with the link — or keep it private for you and your team.

Commenting Improvements

Now when someone leaves comments on the Web version of your Composition, they’ll show up in the Mac app.

Check out the Descript Drive docs for more details.

Bug Fixes

Last but not least, we spent a bunch of time squashing Descript’s most insidious bugs, including:

  • Added ability to combine transcripts after the fact by selecting the file, right clicking, and selecting Combine Transcripts
  • Fixed text/audio alignment issues that led to file corruption
  • File saves are much faster. We no longer store old document versions locally. To access older versions, use Descript Drive and revision history.
  • Major performance improvements to long Compositions with lots of speaker labels
  • App no longer “beach balls” when Web Publishing (now “Uploading to Drive”)
  • Web Publishing (now Drive Uploading) is modal, preventing editing that caused crashes
  • Fixed bug that caused crashes while correcting text on a Combined Transcript
  • We now encourage you to save your Project the first time you transcribe something
  • Fixed issue that prevents White Glove request for Combined Transcripts
  • Fixed issues with gutter timestamps (not updating and not being calculated correctly)
  • Fixed issue where continually pasting audio into another document would create many new versions of the pasted audio file