New in Descript: Offline Support & Import Transcripts for Free

There’s a new version of Descript Windows and Descript Mac Beta in the wild (learn about the different version of the Mac app)! To get the new version, just open/restart Descript and you’ll be prompted to update.

Here’s what’s new:

Import Transcript

With Import Transcript, you can use Descript with a transcription you got from somewhere else — e.g. a human transcription service, or an automatic YouTube video transcription.

Just load in your audio and text, and Descript will sync them up, word by word. We’ll even auto-convert speaker labels and tags!

Import Transcript lets you use Descript’s powerful tools for correcting transcript typos and — if you’re on Mac—editing audio, even if you didn’t get the transcript from us. And it’s free!

(Windows users will be able to use Import Transcript to edit audio as well very soon!)

Offline Support ✈️

Now you can use Descript without being connected to the Internet (except for the initial transcription of files, which requires an internet connection). Click the Download button next to a Project and it will be stored locally on your computer; it’ll stay there until you delete it.

Changes you make while offline are automatically saved to the cloud when you reconnect to the Internet.

Other Features and fixes

  • More control over timestamps in exported documents: Place timestamps at the beginning of paragraphs, at speaker labels, at markers, and/or a fixed time interval.
  • Better detection of invalid file formats
  • Descript automatically detects when there are new versions available and will prompt you to update
  • Lots of bug fixes