Please Google, We Need More Productivity on Chrome desk

Every time I am looking for diverse information I need to search in different sources, texts, images, videos, places, etc.

Accessing these sources of information should be quick and easy. Think how many times you’ve gone through a search in google, and you get a thousand pages of results and then decide that it is a better idea to search it on youtube… so you click on the “Video” button in the options menu and wow! Your search for youtube videos. But the results do not have the same look than when you search directly on YouTube.

Users we have so many keyboard shortcuts for using Chrome but none to open apps directly!

When you are browsing and want to open Maps, Youtube, Images … you have three options:

1 — Open new tab and click on the top right of the Google Apps button to choose the one you want

2 — Click on the button that says Apps on the bookmarks bar to directly to your Google Apps

3 — Save favorites, Youtube, Maps, Drive, Photos, etc. as icons in bookmarks bar and then click on it.

I do not understand why Chrome does not give the option to go directly with an only click!

I thought this can be a possible solution:

my own prototype to solve this

Instead of giving access through the favorites bar, the Apps panel or opening a new tab. It could be simplified in one simple step. With a drop-down menu from the new tab button, that opens while clicking and holding down, select your app and lift the finger of the mouse!

Only trying to draw the attention of @ChromiumDev to this UX issue. You are doing good job. I am sure you are doing your best to improve every day the Chrome user experience, but it can be even more productive.