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The Inevitability of Human Experience and Existence

An introspective poem acknowledging life’s relentless pace.

Desert Queen KG
Desert Dialogue
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3 min readMay 31, 2024


Part I

I can’t stop.

To breathe.
To think.
To heal.
To rest.

I can’t stop.
To hope.
To affirm.
To manifest.
To create.

I can’t stop.
To savor.
To romance.
To relish.
To wander.

I can’t stop.
To smile.
To joke.
To confirm.
To learn.

I can’t stop.
To dream.
To imagine.
To love.
To let go.

I can not stop.

The earth surely won’t.
Can’t you feel it?
Spinning so fast,
my stomach can’t scratch my back.



Desert Queen KG
Desert Dialogue

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