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QR-code/ID-based Verification

Illegality is common in India. Illegal institutions, constructions, personnel, vehicles etc. Verification agencies such as police may not be able to look at all these due to lack of manpower. We need technological solution and involvement of common citizens to tackle this menace.

An app that can verify legality of certain entity by entering certain ID or scanning a QR code, could be the solution.

Example: There are quite a few illegal educational institutes. Government needs to allocate certain ID (or PAN/TIN or License) to them (if not being done already), and force them to publish it on their board/gate. Anybody then can key that in the app to verify institution’s authenticity. As the app verifies the id and fetches the information from the government server, authenticity of the institute can be established with certainty [assuming government servers to have authentic data!!]. Those who are illegal won’t be able to show/publish/write any ID/QR-code on the board. Even
if they publish some fake one that can be easily verified via government information. Any citizen can use this easy facility and if any problem, file a formal complaint.

This system can be enhanced to fetch far more information about the institute than just the legality aspect, like number of teachers, their qualifications, infrastructure, land ownership, RTE status etc. which all can be verified by the citizens and if any problem, can complain.

Such QR-code/ID-based system can be easily applied to verification of houses, professionals, shops, government personnel, vehicles
etc. Just key-in the id or scan the QR code and fetch authentic information from the government servers. If mismatch,

Makes sense?

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