A benediction for my team

We sit and talk with people at the edges of life 
 to acknowledge, share, and honor,
 to create, define, and remember.
 All of us are seeking: 
 good omens, lost moments, and reasons for these hard times.

Aren’t these the things that make us most human?
 In listening,
 we bear witness.
 In writing, 
 we uncover and magnify.
 Like beams of sunlight transformed by stained glass, 
 our curiosity turns into glimmering mosaics 
 of stories that travel outward over space and time.
 We are one in our wonder of what keeps us living:
 of breath,
 of heat,
 of movement and hope,
 of stillness and pain.
 When we are tired or terrified,
 may we remember we are in this together,
 a constellation of hearts, twinkling, warm,
 steeped in work shaping us toward tenderness and grace.

Let us gather up flecks of wisdom from each encounter
 and melt them down into shining pendants 
 to take with us and hold as we continue on our way.

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