Photo by Goran Ivos

The future of open source?

What is the future anyway?

Is it defined by what one person and their team think up and create? Is it defined by the person with the most money? Is it defined by the best salesman or by the most extroverted person on the team who can easily network and raise capital?

What if the future was a collaborative effort? Imagine if open sourced software was a real thing that everyone valued and built with it in mind. How much further could we go and how much more could we learn?

There is a reality of software interdependency that we all seem to try and avoid. Potential and pace are two defining factors in creation. Potential when talking about human kind is endless. Pace in reference to human kind is defined by understanding. We can only move as fast as we know how. We are selfish beings that ultimately want to discover something new and see our name attached to it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this but what happens after your discovery is made? Do you shut the door to someone using what you discovered to make a discovery of their own? When someone starts where you left off are they copying your work? This type of thinking puts an end to discovery.

Take Uber for example, they have built incredible software that is extremely valuable to all human kind. They have recently started going after self driving cars. Imagine the potential of what self driving cars and Uber’s software could do together. Uber’s self driving car discovery pace was brought to a halt because of a claim that Google made about Uber stealing Google’s Waymo selft driving car technology. Someone will ultimately win and make a lot of money. Pretty soon whoever wins will pick up the pace and begin to define the future as they see it.

I can’t help and ask myself the question, but what would happen if Uber and Google were to work together on this initiative? I completely understand that there is a lot more to this and making something like this happen is easier said than done. But what if?

Imagine Uber’s software was completely open sourced. Not just small bits of their application but the entire thing. Imagine where Google and Tesla could go and how fast they could get there. How could Uber’s software help speed up Elon Musk’s Boring efforts for a better transit system?

Maybe I’m a nutjob for writing about this or maybe my thoughts are completely outdated because a group of people somewhere are already working towards creating a connected world of technology. Maybe.