Make Good Use of Sunlight in Winter

Ahad Firdosi
Feb 26, 2019 · 3 min read
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Taking advantage of natural energy has been, since ancient times, one of the most important subjects for human beings, especially when artificial light has not yet been invented. Today, although we have light bulbs to light up at nightfall, we like to continue to make good use of sunlight, especially in winter.

In winter, the days are shorter, we have fewer hours of sun, so it offers less heat and the light that affects the house is oblique. In addition, added to this we come across that the price of electricity is higher each year, the energy bill is a burden for many people and take saving measures is essential.

Taking advantage of the light in winter can contribute to improve, even, to improve our ecological footprint on planet Earth and thus we will be forming a much more sustainable society. Do you want to know how to do it? Very attentive!

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Bet on light colors on your walls that reflect light better than dark and / or off. The ideal ones would be the broken targets or the neutral gray. In addition, if you add a light colored furniture, household linen and some clear accessories, we will get the natural light that enters the home makes it shine easily.

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In this aspect, if we know how to use the mirrors with strategy, we will get more natural light. Placed in front of a window, they reflect 100%.

In winter, the distribution in the home will make us take more advantage of sunlight . If we use spaces consistently and avoid placing furniture near windows or places of passage of light, we will make light propagate and encourage your stay at home.

In this case I refer to curtains, blinds … If we have windows at home that receive direct sunlight during the day, it is advisable to leave them uncovered to heat the walls and furniture, and we will also avoid using heating. If, on the other hand, there are windows that do not receive direct sunlight, we will use curtains and blinds that insulate and give a feeling of warmth to the room.

When we can not count on windows, this constructive solution is ideal. If we put skylights in the ceiling it may be enough to fill the room with light and we will avoid turning on unnecessary lights.

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Finally, when we can not have enough natural light we want, the solar tubes are the solution that will allow us to enter the house. It is an installation that collects the sun through a dome and travels through a tube and reflects it to a diffuser that distributes it in the room. It is regulated with a control device.

And you, do you take advantage in winter of all the hours we have with natural light? If so, do you have other tucos besides the ones we have named? I would like to hear your opinion.

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