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Why you need to consider re-inventing your workplace

Everyone knows that to a great extent, workplace influences the work-ethics, productivity and prospects of a company- either a start up or a matured company.

A workplace should not be thought of as your office location on google map; LOL, that use to be what I consider it as. The workplace consist of the founder of the business and those who work with him. In between these are business processes and rules that can impact or defect the entire business model which at the core should generate the companies revenue.

that’s right bob

We deal with people every day; more so some people might have to deal with us during the day cycle. If you consider yourself belonging to the context of either, — the questions would be- how would you treat those under or above you?, how would you want to be treated?

We have always preached that, owning a business makes you the boss, this has created a dubious pad on our shoulder- blinds us to the reality of a true business owner

Have you thought of why some workplace are the envy of other workplace? In great extent you would know from the faces of the employer or employees.

Before I got to start working at my present company, I use to have this imagination of a workplace; somewhere that would give me the sense of expressing my possibilities and potentials, while still making the impact necessary for the companies growth.

I love to read and research, sometimes I see something amazing; maybe I have had a particular question in my mind that fascinates me, then I would go online ask question and I see some stuff I would love to explore, now doing this takes quiet a lot of time, I would not be satisfied until I have figured out where that matter is headed to and how it can be of impact to the organization I find myself. When it might take too long and would keep me away from my assigned task, I would pause it and continue later, though I will keep my notes of failures and successes.

My sister works in a bank that gives loan to customers, she has a graduate degree in micro-economics. When she comes home, she usually tells me how passionate she feels and would love to impact in her company. However, she ends with sigh- “if only i would be given the opportunity”. I would respond that she should make her research at a low scale and present the report for analysis to her boss and if it seems appropriate they would consider implementing her perceived impact.

Always the case, employees hope for the flexibility to express knowledge, make research try out something new even fail in it, present findings and be recognized

It is important to recognize that we are no more in the industrial phase but in the data phase, more credit should be given to those who surf numerous contents online and offline, analyzing them and presenting information that would impact in the sphere they find themselves.

Before now, companies would hire individuals, present them with routines which they would continually undergo day in day out, year in year out, company owners taking up the task of researching advancements techniques or hacks within every unit in his company.

How Then Should My Imagined Workplace be

A workplace that would not restrict me from presenting my findings and making known my results-either failed or successful, would be a very nice and appreciated one. More like an inter-comm, I should be able to be create a memo, a query or a circular- There should be this sense of freedom to share information in whatever format; audio, visual or document, to anyone within the organization, Tagging the people who should have access to the report you make.

datalligent is the new phase

The workplace should allow for self task assignment as well as a collective task assignment. The self assigned task should be accessible by the team lead and if it would be beneficial to the self-growth of the employee, then it should be approved and monitored, assistance should be provided whenever necessary- If an employee senses how the company assist him or her to achieve his personal self assigned task, there is this sense of accomplishment which builds up in the spirit of such employee and this is even more contagious and spreads across, affecting the employee’s work-ethics;

Most times we only approve whatever that we assume to be a direct benefit to the company, this becomes a problem because we fail to understand how the growth of the employee can also affect the growth of the company.

A workplace should allow for Leave processing, this should provide more clearly the times it is appropriate for an employee to apply for leave. It should also notify an employee when his or her leave is been approved.

A workplace should include evaluation procedure, countless times, we don’t recognize the benefits that comes from evaluating the task or activities performed by employees, if an employee present findings; when successful, it should be evaluated appropriately; when unsuccessful, it should be further analysed to see maybe it failed its objective but might be considered to impact in another different objective, without been too fast in discarding the research.

Finally, a workplace should consider the health of every individual, so as to follow up adequately without jeopardizing the employee or the work attitude due to lack of medication.

I would also love to know your thoughts on re-inventing a workplace.

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