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Jiri Mocicka
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5 min readJun 13, 2022


Figure01: Release Section Hero


Welcome to the eighth article of the 3x3 series — Confluence for Designers looking at the communication structure for medium and large organisations to achieve transparency, which leads to frictionless and smooth design delivery.

This article will be addressing the transparency within the team as well as outside by automating everything we have just discussed and in previous sections — Hello [001↗], Business [002↗], Research [003↗], Content [003↗], Experience [003↗], Design [003↗] and Development [003↗] sections combine here in Release [003↗].

To recognise here is to see this all as writing the right story; according to HBR’s [003↗] Leadership Legacy book [003↗], Robert Galford[003↗] and Regina Fazio Maruca provide a disciplined approach to framing the legacy by focusing on right actions as well as shaping it over time. Instead of hunting the deliverables, goals and deadlines to the point of crisis, Your Leadership Legacy enables you as leaders to craft your work and build the legacy under the premise of group experience rather than personal satisfaction.

The Release Section focuses on the transparency, community, ain inclusivity of people’s terms. It invites everyone to consume, some to react and very few to act — the mental model of the decision-maker, influencer and doer.[003↗]

Figure02: Stage and Gate progress
Figure02: Stage and Gate progress

What does the Release Section do?

The primary purpose of this section is to provide an overview for all non-JIRA savvy designers, business people or anyone else outside of the team unit and be able to see and contribute to the course of the outgoing delivery.

Outside of Business and Experience pillars, the essential part of Confluence is the automation and beauty of intertwined, co-related pieces that create a holistic overview.

Looking at the 17 years of my history with Atlassian for the first six years, this section did not exist. I was reporting above, but I do not need to communicate elsewhere.

With an increasing need for performance monitoring in JIRA, and incapability (or no need of control) of…