Design at Scale — Manifesto

Jiri Mocicka
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3 min readDec 30, 2022


Figure01: Think.Solve.Make

Welcome to the Design at Scale Method series. Today’s article has no more minor ambition than to connect, empower and unify all product designers under a simple Manifesto, which easily translates the value of design in the current complex environment.

The ultimate aim of a product designer is to deliver a complete experience. To close the loop of interaction, where the indispensable components work in the synergy of great composition:

Where the context exists without isolation.

Where conscious, cooperative, self-organised effort of all crafts are equally recognised as an integrated function,

Where dedicated precision of one’s craft defines the character of a specific product or service,

Where the gravity of our intentions plays a vital role in meaningful connections contributing to a transparent and well-connected design industry,

The one that is here to inspire and