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Jiri Mocicka
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6 min readMay 3, 2024


Design at Scale™ — ACD Series 100 Designer

Welcome back to our Design at Scale™–Academy series, focusing on design practice in a team of one hundred. This article will explore the shift in the perception of the importance of design in large organisations and how you can navigate it.

Design at Scale™ — ACD Series 100 Art


The distinction between art and design has evolved considerably over time. Before the 17th century, a clear separation did not exist. Academic art and artistic expression were not fundamentally different from blueprints, design drawings for everyday objects like shoes or clothing, or engineering schematics for engines and tools.

The early 20th century witnessed a paradigm shift. The differentiation between artistic expression, often subjective and open to interpretation, and the role of the observer became more distinct. This period, marked by a proliferation of artistic movements and styles, laid the groundwork for defining design as a particular discipline, one focused on purpose and function rather than solely on creative expression.

This evolution fundamentally altered how we perceive and interact with crafted artefacts. The emphasis shifted from the purely emotional response elicited by artistic creations to…