Make it Scale

Jiri Mocicka
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6 min readMay 6, 2024


Design at Scale™ — ACD Series 100 Design at Scale

Welcome back to our Design at Scale™ — Academy series, focusing on design practice in a team of one hundred. This article will close the series by examining the overall organisation as a well-functioning ecosystem.

Traditionally, “scale” has been synonymous with increased resources: more personnel, greater server capacity, and expansive infrastructure. However, the 21st century has ushered in a paradigm shift. A new way of thinking about scale is gaining traction across small, medium, and large organisations.

This modern approach focuses on efficiency and strategic utilisation of resources to maximise reach and impact. Several solopreneurs (companies of one) have achieved remarkable scale by leveraging available technologies and implementing smart strategies. These individuals have become industry thought leaders, inspiring and guiding others on the path to success.

Design at Scale™ — ACD Series 100 Tribe

You belong to a tribe.

Organisational structures often lead to the formation of departmental teams, fostering a sense of belonging among colleagues with shared responsibilities. These groups can extend beyond typical social clusters like those who enjoy coffee breaks together. Creative and…