The power of the naming convention

Jiri Mocicka
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6 min readJun 29, 2022


Figure01: Hero Image Naming Convention
Figure01: Hero Image Naming Convention

We’ve all been there. Someone, most probably a boss, ask us to find the latest email or miro[001↗] board or simply share a file created a while ago, and we struggle to find it.

Where is it?
How do I find it?
How was it called again?

Perhaps it was <final _final _RobertsFinal _shipping _version _final.ext> doesn’t make sense to anyone who didn’t specifically work on it.

Situations like these are not rare; after observing studies describing different lenses where people struggle to locate their pressure assets in various business functions[002↗], I become curious about what techniques can shift this paradigm. And we all one day find what we are looking for?

In other words, how do we navigate within inherited naming conventions or structures?
What other methods can we apply to reach the desired outcomes?
Is the search the ultimate answer to file location?
(especially if we do not know what we are looking for)
How can we choose an approach for the naming convention as a team, department or business that scales?

The following four articles aim to set basic principles that help us organise our world of digital assets in whatever…