Jiri Mocicka
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6 min readMay 2, 2024


Design at Scale™ — ACD Series 100 Transparency

Welcome back to our Design at Scale™ — Academy series, focusing on design practice in a team of one hundred. This article will explore the importance of the simple phenomenon called design transparency in the business.

In a previous article, we explored transparency’s role in empowering teams to leverage information broadcast through internal channels. This article examines the opposite end of the spectrum: bureaucratic organisations lack agility.

Imagine a corporate landscape riddled with silos, obscured budgets, ambiguous targets, and miscommunicated results. Add to this a mix of unclear requirements, confusing instructions, and an absence of well-defined “ready” or “done” criteria. This fosters a culture where navigating the work environment and achieving effectiveness becomes an uphill battle for many.

Design at Scale™ — ACD Series 100 Inclusive

Inclusive culture

While single-handedly transforming a culture might seem unrealistic, a strategic and passionate individual can ignite a spark for positive change. With a well-defined agenda promoting inclusivity and transparency, designers are uniquely positioned to champion this initiative.